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Leila is a hard worker, and has also excelled in piano and swimming. She passed a test and was invited to the UK for her piano skills!


Thinkster Math has greatly increased Victor's confidence and ability to think analytically. His math coach has been an outstanding source of support and instruction. Victor is in 3rd grade, but testing at the 5th grade standardized math level! He scored in the 98% of students in the third grade.


"I have been working with Sophie for almost 3 years. In that time she has moved ahead 2 grade levels in math at school. She is always prepared for our sessions with a question or topic she wants to work on, and she is an absolute delight to spend time with!" - Sophie's Thinkster Tutor, Jennifer


Whenever students do something exemplary at school, the Teachers can recognize that student by giving them a "Red Hot". Maya has received 8 Red Hots so far. She has had lunch with the Principal and received a Certificate for displaying empathy. She is playing Basketball and the violin as well.


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